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“This is my home base for spreading insight and sharing my journey as a Team 3DMJ Athlete, an all-natural Figure Competitor, and soon-to-be powerlifter. Click around for resources, info, and products to get you shredded. Enjoy!


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The Path to PRs (P2P)

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The “Cost” of Bodybuilding

As a figure competitor and someone who obviously feels the need to make my body the best it can be, some might call me obsessed with, wrapped-up-in, or unrealistically in need of fulfilling these lifestyle habits.

I’d like to argue that this is simply what makes me feel “on it”. Having a long-term goal (i.e., being a better competitor) fuels me to make the small daily sacrifices in other areas of life.

What do YOU give up right now in exchange for your time, money, and attention?

Is it truly “worth it” and in alignment with what you believe or how you perceive yourself?

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